Specialist Back Pain & Sciatica Treatment in Newcastle

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Specialist Back Pain & Sciatica Treatment in Newcastle

Why are we great at what we do?

We believe that treating the cause of pain is the #1 priority when dealing with anyone coming in to see us. If you don't treat the cause, then the effect will never truly go away. 

Most people come to us and they think in terms of muscle problems, ligament issues or something wrong with their tendons. But we look at the body differently. 

Everything in the human body is controlled by the brain, which lives in your skull, and the nervous system, which lives in your spine. When you damage your spine what you actually damage is the communication between the brain and the body. This can result in stiffness, weakness and more noticeably .... pain. 

Our specialist techniques and examination procedures can help pinpoint the exact cause of spinal problems and using scientifically validated treatments we help restore movement and function to the spine, which makes you feel like the supple teenager you used to be!

What we treat

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt

Sometimes treatment can hurt, but compared to the pain you go through recovering rom surgery, or the complications that can be had from drugs, this is comparatively painless. We have specific techniques that make sure as little pain is caused as possible, giving your body the best chance for a full recovery


Are your staff qualified?

Yes. All of our staff that perform treatments hold at least one healthcare degree. We also encourage any and all of our staff to do regular CPD to make sure you get the most out of your visits here


"i've tried everything, why would this work?"

The main reason we get great success stories is that we have invested more than most clinics into our diagnostic equipment and our treatment kits than most clinics in the North East. We have some pieces of equipment that doctors have recommended people fly to Atlanta USA to try....but we have them here right in Newcastle!


Does it work for everyone?

Whilst I wish we could help everyone, that would be a lie. The good news is our therapies are around 88% successful. Our reviews speak for themselves. Those who put the time, effort and energy into getting better, get better!


What will it cost me?

Depending on the recommendations, some of it will be free, other costs range from £22 per session up to £38.50 per session. We have made sure to keep the costs down so you can access the care you need, at a price that is affordable. 


Is it scientifically validated?

Yes. Every test we perform, every treatment we provide, every bit of advice we give can be backed up with scientific evidence. We have researched extensively to make sure you are always receiving the most validated care, getting the best outcomes and avoiding unnecessary surgery or prolonged use of drugs. 

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