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    SUCKSWant to learn how to deal with Sciatica for long lasting results?How to fix it
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    The Ultimate Headache Guide

    Sick and tired of taking drugs? Read through our guide to find out....What causes headaches and migraines
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    What would life be like without neck pain?

    You could seep, exercise and concentrate fully, but what's the best way to solve neck pain?Find out the answers NOW!
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Did you know? Most spinal degeneration won’t cause pain

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Neck pain can make a good day bad, fast! Maybe it is just a click out of position, or it is stopping you sleeping, either way it puts the shutters down on a good day

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The sad truth is, that migraines are often caused by our lifestyles

physical, chemical and emotional stresses play huge roles with the onset and nightmares of migraine headaches.

If you suffer from them, it is your responsibility to your body to get them checked out professionally, and quickly!

Back pain is a pandemic. It is a worldwide problem that costs us billions every year.


But why has your back pain come about? Often, it is the life you have led, that has caused your spine to become degenerated. Think about all the accidents, bad posture and poor nutrition.


All of those factors play a part in your body not repairing itself.


Back pain isnt an exotic illness, or something your see in television. It is something that people in Newcastle suffer from everyday

It can tingle, burn, sting, ache and cause muscle wastage and loss of power. But this pales in comparison to the pain and the adjustments you have to make everyday when suffering from Sciatica. Everyday people in Newcastle suffer from sciatica needlessly, not knowing what treatment is just around the corner….effective treatment that doesn’t use drugs or surgery

Bad posture is something you have to live with everyday, but what if you could get a computerised analysis? well you can! all you need to do is contact us on 0191 217 0387 and you can get a fully computerised scan of your posture and bespoke exercise plan to help combat curves that are in the wrong places

We are committed to improving quality of life and strive to provide you or your loved one with the best opportunity for cure, optimal, evidence-based and tailored treatment plan.

We have specialised techniques to help detect and treat non-speciic (i.e. there isn’t any arthritis) hip pain.

  • Research intensive
  • Provide the full spectrum of patient care
  • Engage in education and community outreach

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