Shield Clinic:

Giving great service to help your spine get better

Finding The Cause Of Your Pain & Getting it Better

quicker & with GREAT results

compared to any drugs or potions or treatment you've had to use in the past

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Since we opened our doors we have helped over 14000 people, with great results!

"The diagnostic testing was 10/10 giving a terrific diagnosis of what the muscle and nerve issues were and matched the pain precisely however At first I thought I was wasting my money but only because of the amount of time the treatment took. However the results were amazing and my back problems of three years disappeared and haven’t returned. A significant improvement in my knee functioning was a happy byproduct."

We get compliments all the time

For the relaxed, clean atmosphere and great tea and coffee we have. There's never any rush from us, you can sit and relax for as long as you want

Book today and save over 70%

Why is our care so different to other places like Physio clinics, Chiropractors or your family Doctor?

find out how our wellness care can help pinpoint the problems you have, and how we fix them

We know that if you just stick a plaster over a gushing wound, that it won't do a thing. What you need is the right treatment given in the right way. Our wellness care focuses on the cause, not the effect of pain.

My back and body are in such a good place that I have just taken part in my second Great North Run and knocked 12 minutes off last year’s finish time!

Sheila MackieProud to be running faster!

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Book today and save over 70%

What you get when you first come to see us

✅We will sit down with you and listen, really listen to you so we know how this has affected you

✅Do a thorough physical examination of your whole body, not just where it hurts

✅Perform our Scans and computerised postural analysis of your spine and body

✅Do you first gentle treatment focusing on getting you to function better from minute 1

Book today and save over 70%

Need to know more about Shield Clinic

Does it hurt to get treatment?

No, our aim isn’t to cause pain. Whilst you may have been to other people where they pulverise your muscles or stretch you to within an inch of your life, we use very gentle methods to get the quickest healing responses.

Are you qualified enough to treat me?

I short, yes. All of our practitioners are degree level qualified, specifically in rehabilitation. We constantly try to learn new diagnostic techniques and treatment methods so your body can recover the best it can.

Will I get an MRI scan or X ray?

No, the scans we have don’t use harmful radiation to get the results we need to see.


We use SEMg Scanners that ascertain how muscles are functioning. Also, we use computerised postural analysis software to help us understand how your body is compensating to your problems

Does it cost a lot to get treatment

It depends on the metric you use. If you compare us with a packet of ibuprofen, then yes, we are expensive. However the results we get are from the fact we focus on the problems your body has in repairing. We do everything we can to keep costs down so you can save on not just money, but also the time and effort in getting better too