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Neck Pain

One of the most common side effects of neck pain is not being able to sleep.


You may have to fidget for hours before you can find your comfy spot, or maybe you get rudely awoken during your sleep.


this can make you;

  • moody
  • irritable
  • miserable
  • bad tempered

In and around Newcastle, everyday we see people who have been suffering from neck pain for years!


it can be caused by car accidents, sports injuries, bad posture or work.


One of the more common causes we see in our newcastle clinic for neck pain is having a poor pillow.


If you are unsure if your pillow ‘meets the standards’ hen contact us on 0191 217 0387 to ask about our pillows, or if your neck pain warrants being checked out by one of our spinal experts then use the appointment form at the top of this web page to make an appointment now.


If you would like to buy a posture perfect pillow,