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Neck Pain Can Really Nag!

You aren’t alone when it comes to neck pain. It is estimated that almost half of the population of the UK will at some point feel pain in their neck.

It could be something as simple as a strained muscle, or something more serious like a bulging disc.

When it does kick in though people often tell us that it can affect;

Home life – they can’t enjoy sleep, play with their kids or just rest from a hard week’s work

Work life – whether it be desk work or manual labour, a pain in the neck is a literal thing which can stop you being as effective as you need to be

Hobbies – lots of people enjoy exercise and it can put a halt on that, but other more relaxing things such as arts and crafts can be hugely affected by having a pain in the neck.

What causes neck pain?

The neck is a delicate structure, it has vital things in there such as arteries, veins, windpipes but also has a lot of muscles, joints and discs which can all be damaged resulting in pain.

The most common thing in our experience is either

  1. an old injury such as a car crash – even minor ones can have long lasting effects, usually felt a few years AFTER the accident
  2. poor posture. A misshapen spine can lead to weaknesses & tightness’s in muscles, it can lead to joint degeneration (arthritis) and wear and tear of the discs.

Standard medical treatments for neck pain.

Mostly, drugs are used. Over the Counter (OTC) drugs such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin are used sometimes. Other times Doctors prescribe powerful drugs that are anti-depressants to patients who don’t get any luck with OTC drugs.

The downside with using these drugs is that people then replace intense neck pains with the feeling of lethargy, tiredness or as some of my patients tell me ‘like a zombie’ feeling.

How can you help neck pain?

A good posture is always important, stand up as straight as you can, sit tall, make sure you are always looking upright. Not like most of the teenagers we see now – staring down at phones!

Good pillows are important. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, investing in a good pillow is more important than a car so make sure you don’t overspend on a motor to then under spend on your pillow. A good guide for prices is above £40.

If that fails, what next?

Although migraines can be improved by doing the above bits of advice, there may be more underlying problems that simple exercises or massage cannot help.

That’s why at Shield Clinic we run a thorough and comprehensive set of exams focusing on the cause of neck pain, not just trying to treat the symptoms.


We use a mixture of computerised scans, including posture analysis and nerve scans which can help us detect underlying problems, long before they become a bad symptom.

The treatment we deliver is highly focused on the problems we find during the examination so we can target specific joints/tissues and make sure your body heals itself as fast as possible.


Normally, our consultation costs £95, but if you sign up today you can get it for just £29.

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