We use a Surface Electromyograph (SEMG)  to assess the function of the nerve system. The technology we use has been featured in many published scientific studies and is certified by the United States Space Foundation. The surface electromyographs that we take measures the amount that your muscles are working in the region of your spine. The exam helps to identify areas and patterns of abnormal tension and stress. It also gives us an absolute measure of distortion in the spine. One the first scan there is a selection of colours, yellow, red and green. If you have any bars of yellow in your scan, it tells us that the muscles are not firing off enough of an electrical activity to be measure. In simple terms, it is a significant weakness, often caused by nerve pressure. The green bars represent areas where the muscular tension is within normal parameters. Any red bars on your scan represent areas where the muscles are overworked and often in a ‘protection mode’ where they will excessively tense up to try and stop an area from becoming ore damaged. When someone starts care to correct their spinal problems the nerve scans will often look worse on their first retest. This is perfectly normal because the nerves are the slowest healing tissue in the body It will take time for some the nerves to “catch up” with the other changes that are occurring to the other tissues of the body`

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