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Sciatica SUCKS!

How can you help sciatica?

If You’ve Ever Had It, or you Have It Now Then You
Know What I Mean

The Question on Your Mind Must Be

“How Do I Get Rid of This Horrible Pain?” – The Answer Is on This Page…

Some people won’t be able to find relief, no matter how they position themselves.


As a result, it really does get in the way with living a happy life.

Often our patients comment that;

1.It can suck when you’re sitting
2.It can suck when you’re standing
3.It can suck when you’re lying down
4.It can suck when you’re moving and bending

Sciatica often involves shooting, stabbing and burning pain from the
low back, through the buttocks and legs all the way down to the toes;
and it can lead to muscle wasting, numbness and constant tingling. It
can take over your life and really suck the joy of living out of you!


It doesn’t just affect people who have heavy lifting jobs, equally, people who don’t move much at work are just as susceptible to getting lower back pain

What can you do to help?

Inversion tables for home can be useful, but also very dangerous if the advice is not followed correctly

We suggest using ice if it is swollen, for around 20 minutes making sure there is a cloth between you and the ice.

Stretching exercises focusing on spine range of motion are important, basic movements of forwards, backwards and gentle twisting held for 30 seconds is very effective.


If that fails, what next?

Although sciatica can be improved by doing the above bits of advice, there may be more underlying problems that simple exercises or massage cannot help.

That’s why at Shield Clinic we run a thorough and comprehensive set of exams focusing on the cause of sciatica, not just trying to treat the symptoms.


We use a mixture of computerised scans, including posture analysis and nerve scans which can help us detect underlying problems, long before they become a bad symptom.

The treatment we deliver is highly focused on the problems we find during the examination so we can target specific joints/tissues and make sure your body heals itself as fast as possible.


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