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What causes lower back pain

The causes could make a list a mile long. However Chronic Lower Back Pain is very rarely just a muscular problem.

A lot of the patients who come to our Durham and Newcastle Clinics may have thought they had a muscle problem, however after a thorough assessment it is found to be a more joint/nerve problem that is causing the pain.

Your body is designed to repair itself.

Pain  is the sign our body gives our brain to indicate damage.

If your body is in pain for anything more than a few weeks and it doesn’t improve, it indicates that a portion of your body isn’t repairing correctly.

More often than not, when patients come to see us they have had years of recurrent problems.

Our exams usually point towards mechanical joint movement problems, and nerve pressure issues.

What can you do to try and fix Lower Back Pain?

1. Try using an ice pack, rather than a hot bath

Typically, pressure on the nerves is caused by swelling. Going in a hot bath will temporarily get rid of the pain, but it will end up encouraging more swelling, so you’ll end up reaching for a heat pack/hot water bottle. Try using ice.
We recommend using an ice pack every 2 hours, for 20 minutes. Just make sure you wrap a tea towel or something similar around the ice pack first so you don’t get burned.

2. Walking and cycling

Whilst some back pain requires rest, in our experience gentle movements are key to getting a healthier spine. Walking on natural surfaces best as this allows the body to move as it is designed, compared to going on a treadmill ad repeating the same movement, pace and cadence with every stride. Another great form of exercise is cycling. Preferably, around 15 minutes on a static bike a couple of times a day give then best results for getting gentle movement into the spine.

3. Get better balance

Improving balance is one of the least appreciated things when it comes to solving back pain. In our experience, using exercises like yoga and Pilates can be beneficial, but by far and away the best balance improving exercises are Thai chi. It is designed to give motion and control when upright, compared to lots of lying down like you might experience in yoga.

Whilst all this may improve some of the symptoms, it is very rare that it can actually fix the cause of the problem

That’s exactly why we have a dedicated Lower Back Pain assessment where we can find the exact cause of the problem and fix it.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and we will contact you to perform a thorough examination, take sEMG scan, do a computerised postural analysis and formulate a plan of action to get rid of your pain ASAP.

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