Are you SICK and TIRED of waiting MONTHS ​ ​​​​for the NHS to get rid of your pain? Why wait when you could come to one of the highest rated private clinic in Newcastle & ​​​​​save up-to 65% off your first appointment

Lower back pain will affect around 80% of the population at some point of their life. 

Thankfully, most people don't have to put up with it for too long as the damage that causes the pain isn't too serious.

For anyone who has it longer than just a couple of weeks consecutively, or if it keeps coming back....that is known as CHRONIC LOWER BACK PAIN. (chronic isn't the level of pain, it is the length of time it has been there [its a common misconception!])

Either way, usually that means that you have damaged your back so extensively that it hasn't been able to mend it back to 100%. When that happens, scar tissue formation occurs and then your back is more likely to become more stiff, more stuck and less able to put up with normal daily demands. 

That may be

  • playing with kids or grand kids
  • Working to provide for others
  • Not enjoying exercise as much

...and more

If that is the case, we are very well suited to getting you 'back on track'

How do we know that?

Since opening we have seen (at the time of writing) more than 13879 people through the doors, with the majority of them having problems in their lower back. 

We have invested heavily into diagnostic equipment and technology that can help us assist in finding the exact cause of your lower back pain and effectively treating it. 

We don't like to take chances with health, so we allays make sure prior to any treatment we will always do a thorough assessment and sit you down to talk about what options you have to getting it sorted.  If this sounds like something you want to try, then click on the 'consultation' button at the top of this page to get a discounted first assessment. 

"I would strongly recommend this clinic . After years of restricted neck movement following an injury , I have regained full movement . Something I never thought would happen " Kathryn Lawrence, Dentist, Newastle. ​​​​

What we treat

Book Your consultation Today

If you have any of the problems we can deal with then we want to help you. If you fill out the form one of our lovely ladies will get in contact with you to schedule your initial assessment where we will give you;

✔️ Full Spinal SEMg Scan 

✔️ Full set of physical tests

✔️Neurological tests

✔️Bespoke report given in layman terms (not the medical mumbo jumbo)

✔️ First Treatment if appropriate

When you do get the call my team will be on hand to answer any questions you have and take care you from the off. We all look forward to seeing you here at Shield Clinic.

John Ryle. BSc Hons, MSST. 

** Disclaimer: We have made every effort to be truthful and accurately represent what we do at Shield Clinic. However, there is no guarantee of results. Your level of improvement is based on several factors,some of which are controlled by us and others are controlled by you. Results will obviously vary between patients. 

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