What to expect at your first visit and beyond

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for taking the time by reading this. My name is John Ryle, owner of Shield Clinic. I have worked in the clinic for 10+ years, having taken over from it’s original owner, who set up the clinic in 1995, when he emigrated to Australia. Between us, we have seen in excess of 20,000 people in that time and have made positive impacts on their lives countless times, of which I’m extremely proud of.

If you’re this far into our website, it means youre probably wanting to find out what is going to happen at your first visit and how we can get you out of pain.

I know what it is like going to a new clinic, having slipped a disc when I was 14 years old, I found it difficult to find and trust someone who knew what they were doing.

If you’d like an appointment all you need to do to get the appointment asap is call 0191 217 0387 and we can schedule into our first available appointment

Since this may be a brand new experience to yo, this page has been created to give you an idea of what to expect when you come to visit us at Shield Clinic.



Great news, we have free parking. At the front of our clinic there is public parking that is free for between 30 minutes and 4 hours, depending on which bay you park in. We also have our own car park out the back of the clinic. If you park there you’ll just have to ring the bell for one of the team to come and get you.

When You Turn Up

When you first come, hopefully The Royal Mail have delivered your consultation forms, or we have emailed them for you to complete prior to the appointment.

All you need to do is remember to bring them, and when you report to the reception just hand them over to one of the team.

You’ll then be welcome to try one of our lovely refreshing drinks whilst we prepare the examination room for you. You’ll be asked to don a hospital type gown for the assessment, so please wear appropriate clothing. Shorts are good if you’re a man, leggings are good for women. We wont ask you to remove your bra unless it is a sports bra as this can get in the way of our scanners.

Your Consultation

During your consultation we will sit down and go through a robust history check, so we can understand exactly what brought you to us and what we need to do for you.

Following that we will perform our SeMG scans and postural analysis that we will analyse between sessions.

A suite of physical and neurological tests then follow where we check everything from balance, to strength, reflexes, flexibility, sensations and movements.

Doing all these tests will help us formulate our plan of action for you at the next session.

Your Follow Up Appointment for Your Results

After your Consultation, we need time to analyse the results and formulate a plan that is best going to suit your needs, so when you come back to the clinic all you need to do is report to the reception again and help yourself to our complimentary teas, coffees or hot chocolates

You’ll then be taken to the room to have your report here the practitioner will go through your results, in real English – not medical jargon, so you know exactly what is going on inside of you. At any point we encourage you to ask questions as well.

Once they have gone through the results, they will then make recommendations based on what they found.

If everything is good for you and you are happy, they will perform a treatment so you can instantly see the benefits of what we have to offer.

Ongoing Care

When you have decided that you have made the right choice and come back for further treatment, you will then be shown how we work and given a ‘masterclass’ on how our equipment works, you’ll then have the chance to relax before any treatments. When you have any treatment, the practitioner will be doing constant testing and adjusting to make sure you get the best out of coming to us.

Following the hands on treatment, you’ll then be encouraged to grab an ice pack and sit for a couple of minutes before you go home, or have a cuppa and relax more!

Find Us

It’s very easy to find us. We are just a 2 minute drive away from Newcastle Racecourse (if you’re heading towards Gosforth) and we are just a 30 second away from the nearest bus stand too. If you are coming by bus, jump on the number 46 as this will bring you pretty much to our doors.