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What will happen on the first visit?

If your visit is to have your spine checked, then you will be taken into our examination room where we will;

• Get an understanding of your problem and how it’s affecting you
• Perform an SEMg Scan
• Take Pictures of you for a computerised postural analysis
• Perform around 40 physical, neurological tests
• Go through any homework we feel is necessary for your next appointment.

What type of scans do you do and what do they show?

The scans we perform at SHIELD CLINIC tell us how well your nervous system is functioning and how it is affecting your health. Your nervous system consists of your brain, which controls everything your body does, and 32 pairs of nerves which carry signals to and from your brain to every muscle and organ in your body. The nerves run from the base of your brain down your spine, exiting out to the body via holes in the joints of your spine. Your brain monitors how your body is working by sending and receiving signals via your nerves to and from your organs and muscles. If moving spinal joints interfere with the nerves, as they exit the spine, the signals the nerves carry can be distorted. And if your nerves are conveying incorrect information to your brain then it cannot regulate your bodily functions correctly and you suffer the consequences.  The scans we perform are known as Surface EMG scans. The letters EMG represent Electro Myo Graphy, which refers to the measurement of electrical activity of muscles. As muscles have to be stimulated by nerves in order to work, the level of muscle serves as a good indicator of nerve activity. An EMG scan monitors interference with the nervous system by evaluating the level of muscle activity surrounding the spine. An EMG functions in a similar way to ECG (Electro Cardio Graphy) which measures electrical activity of the heart muscle and to EEG which measures electrical activity of the brain. The colours and pattern of the bars on your EMG scan show the levels of your muscle activity and therefore the level of nerve interference. Green indicates mild interference, blue indicates moderate interference, red shows severe interference, black is so serious that it exceeds the scale and yellow indicates under activity and means that the nerves in that area are working at a very reduced level. In addition to the amount of activity, the symmetry of one-side compared to the other is also important as variation from one side to the other also indicates nerve interference. The final scan we perform shows range of movements. How well you are able to turn your head, bend your leg etc, tells us the strength of nerve signals to and from your muscles and joints.

What will the Report go over?

Your report will simply go over


  1. History – making sure we have fully understood your problem
  2. Your results – we put it all in layman’s terms to make sure you have a good understanding of the problem
  3. Your scans – so you know exactly how to interpret the results of the scan. 
  4. Your homework – to see if there is any other side effects that can be improved
  5. Your individual plan of action – tailored to the problem you have

What will the treatment involve?

This obviously depends n the type of treatment. I will try and briefly cover the basics of what you may go through


  • Hand held Manipulation / mobilisation device – this is one of the main forms of treatment we use to help stimulate nerves and create mobilisations between the bones in your spine
  • Laser therapy – you’ll typically be in between 15-45 minutes depending on the area of problem and what we need to do. You’ll be in a comfy position and ay have to wear some protective eye-wear depending on the location of your problem
  • Inversion therapy – you’ll be placed on the inversion table and depending on your severity will be placed to an angle of 30-100 degrees for anything between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. 
  • Massage -you’ll go to one of our massage rooms and may be required to take certain items of clothing off, or wear comfy clothes so we are able to perform the treatment to the best of it’s ability. We use a range of techniques to help get better muscle power or loosen off stubborn tight areas. 

Are there any side effects?

As with any treatment there can be side effects, this isn’t a bad sign usually as it just shows the tissues have been worked. Below is some of the normal reactions we see after the treatments.


  • Hand Held Manipulation/mobilisation – some small tender spots or a feeling of tiredness
  • Massage – maybe some bruising around the areas that has been worked
  • Laser therapy – so long as you don’t have any tattoos on the area being treated we aren’t aware of any problems after treatment
  • Inversion -You’ll possibly feel a little light headed as you will have been tipped upside down. The only real negative side effect we have seen once was it caused a nose bleed on someone who had broken their nose in a rugby game a few days beforehand. 

When I first came to this Clinic l was in so much pain l couldn't straight on my back, was on a cocktail of pain killers, l thought this was what my life was going to be like. l saw John who said he could help me and weeks down the road l am able to stand up straight walk without any pain and the plus side l have managed to reduce my painkillers by more than half, and l am so happy. John is a really lovely man, he is very honest with you, l couldn't recommend him enough. The staff are all very nice and helpful.

Ann WatsonRet.

I first went to shield clinic with a frozen shoulder and lower back pain. The frozen shoulder stopped me swimming, doing yoga and also normal activities like decorating. At 53 I had started to accept that nothing could be done, but after 2 visits to John my shoulder freed up and after 12 sessions my shoulder was back to normal with total movement and no pain, and my lower back pain was gone. I now visit once a month or so but I’ve got my old life back. I can’t thank John enough!

Clare Stephensonproperty developer

Visited the clinic for over 5 years. Great staff and great range of treatments allowing me to live my life pain free.

Marc DadyProperty developer

What we treat


If you have any of the problems we can deal with then we want to help you. If you fill out the form one of our lovely ladies will get in contact with you to schedule your initial assessment where we will give you;

✔️ Full Spinal SEMg Scan

✔️ Full set of physical tests

✔️Neurological tests

✔️Bespoke report given in layman terms (not the medical mumbo jumbo)

✔️ First Treatment if appropriate

When you do get the call my team will be on hand to answer any questions you have and take care you from the off. We all look forward to seeing you here at Shield Clinic.

John Ryle. BSc Hons, MSST.

** Disclaimer: We have made every effort to be truthful and accurately represent what we do at Shield Clinic. However, there is no guarantee of results. Your level of improvement is based on several factors,some of which are controlled by us and others are controlled by you. Results will obviously vary between patients. We don’t currently employ any chiropractors or osteopaths.