A new way of treating Slipped Discs for people in Newcastle

“I am so thankful for John and the Shield Clinic. They really got me going again when I thought I was going to be stuck with back pain and strong analgesia for the rest of my life… I was, hardly able to walk some days. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Discover how to get 79% off a Consultation including spinal scan & computerised postural analysis, Bespoke report & first treatment

Spinal pain can ruin your life. It affects everything from your sleep to getting dressed. It makes work harder, the relationships with your family tougher… and it makes true happiness seem so far away.

Here at Atlas Wellness Centre we have a team of highly trained specialists who are expects in dealing and treating spinal pain.
Since our doors opened in 2006 we have helped around 5,958 people ‘find their happy’ by treating their spinal pain.
We now offer a brand new Red Carpet Service Consultation for people in pain where YOU are the VIP.
As you are the VIP rather than paying the usual £245.00 for our High Class Diagnostic Consultation you will only invest £49.
Enter your details and we will contact you as soon as possible to get you booked in, and start getting you pain free.

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