A New Way of Treating Sciatica

That is more effective than surgery and uses NO drugs!

I am so thankful for John and the Shield Clinic. They really got me going again when I thought I was going to be stuck with back pain and strong analgesia for the rest of my life... I do not want to go back to where I was, hardly able to walk some days. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sue Asterling, Research Nurse

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Sciatica  can ruin your life. You may feel it from the moment you wake up, to when you go to bed, and in some instances, it may even wake you up…it truly does rip to your core and can make you ‘a real grump’.

We have often heard how it affects relationships with your job, your family and friends and that at the least it is annoying at worst, it is horrendous.

At Shield Clinic, we have years of experience dealing with Sciatica , using technology and equipment that isn’t available anywhere else in Newcastle.

We have helped hundreds, probably thousands of people with Sciatica , and our methods have been proven to be more effective than surgery for the treatment of Sciatica .

We are now offering people like you the chance to come in for a Sciatica Consultation where you can find out exactly how to get it better.

Normally, people coming to see us pay £95 for their consult, exam, spinal SEMg scans, Postural analysis & report, but today you will pay just £27

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