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Pregnancy pain

As much of a pleasure children are, the ‘brewing’ process is not so pleasant for the human frame.

Pregnancy carries a whole host of problems, not least that the mother is no longer a human being – just a vessel (or at least that’s how my wife felt when she was having our kids!).

One of the most common problems we find with people who are pregnant is the misfortune of the aches and pains.

Carrying all that extra weight in such an awkward place causes pain in the hips, shoulders and back.

Couple that with the fact tat your body actively makes the ligaments looser towards the latter stages of pregnancy and that is making a cocktail of problems for a mum-to-be.

Exercises are important but one of the most important things we find is to make sure that the jints that are being ‘jammed’ together from the sheer weight and poor positions of the new baby make moving very difficult.

Recently, we were treating a wonderful dentist who was pregnant and was still having treatment just 2 weeks before the birth of her wonderful child.

We have specialised beds and techniques that helped her keep moving and we have made sure that after the birth, she wasn’t forgotten about and make doubly sure that she is able to keep moving because as any new mother knows (or quickly finds out) the fun just beings!

If you are pregnant or know someone who is, why not make sure they can have a comfortable pregnancy by clicking on the link below and having their spine checked out so they don’t have to go through any more pain……

"I would strongly recommend this clinic . After years of restricted neck movement following an injury , I have regained full movement . Something I never thought would happen " Kathryn Lawrence, Dentist, Newastle. ​​​​

What we treat

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John Ryle. BSc Hons, MSST. 

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