Grab a £20 Back Pain Analysis Voucher (normally £95)

If you have had back pain then you know how it can get in the way of the things you love and deserve to do. Things like:

  • A good nights sleep
  • Being able to work without stopping
  • Going for a good walk without thinking about the BACK PAIN
  • Playing with kids or grand kids
  • Going shopping without potentially relying on the shopping trolley to lean on

And more!


We have spent thousands of hours,and tens of thousands of pounds of investment to make sure we have the best testing equipment available anywhere in Newcastle. Our diagnostic equipment helps us see how the whole body functions, not just individual parts, so there is no guesswork when it comes to being able to give you the BEST advice to help get your BACK PAIN better


S, if you have had BACK PAIN and want a different way that doesn’t involve drugs or random pieces of it you bought from Facebook then book up with one of our practitioners now to see if we can help.


You really have nothing to lose!

Claim your voucher NOW!
Claim your £20 voucher now

* We limit this offer to only 3 people a week, if we are full, you may have to wait longer. 


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