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What causes headaches and how to get rid of it


If you suffer with headaches, you aren’t alone! It’s one of the most common reason people have to take time off work.

Some people just have a mild ache, others have severe pain that runs from the base of their skulls to their eyebrows

Sometimes it effects even the simplest of tasks like getting comfy at night, or being able to concentrate at work.

Understanding headaches

When we get headaches there can be a variety of different causes.

At times it can be due to dehydration or poor eyesight, but if you have drunk lots and had your eyes tested and they are still hurting, doesn’t it make sense that it probably isn’t due to those?

Mostly, they are due to problems with the bones that live in your neck. When they are misaligned or compressed, they cause pressure on the nerves that go into your head.

Often these bones in your neck are out of alignment due to poor posture. Sitting at desks for long periods or having bad pillows.


Things you can do to help prevent headaches


Heat or cold

One, or a combination of these can help improve pain in and around the head, try popping it on your neck to see if it could be due to the bones being out of alignment.

Stretching / massage

Keeping muscles loose if they’re too tense is very effective at reducing headaches, massaging key points such as your temples or base of your skull can release a lot of tension that could be built up causing headaches.

Posture exercises

Having correct posture is one of the main things you can do to help reduce headaches, most of the time, we see problems where people’s heads are too far forward. Making sure your ears are in line with your shoulders is very effective at reducing headaches.

Help for your headaches


Although headaches can be improved by doing the above bits of advice, there may be more underlying problems that simple exercises or massage can not help.

That’s why at Shield Clinic we run a thorough and comprehensive set of exams focusing on the cause of headaches, not just trying to treat the symptoms.


We use a mixture of computerised scans, including posture analysis and nerve scans which can help us detect underlying problems, long before they become a bad symptom.

The treatment we deliver is highly focused on the problems we find during the examination so we can target specific joints/tissues and make sure your body heals itself as fast as possible.


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