Do you feel like there is no end to your neck pain? Here's why...




Shocking study show's that 50% of patients with neck pain still have it after at least one (1) year!

"Musculoskeletal disorders are threatening quality of life by having the potential to restrict daily activities, cause absence from work, and result in a change or discontinuation in employment. These disorders are expensive for society and for patients and are responsible for the highest number of healthy years lost [14]. The prevalence of chronic neck pain varies. The 12-month prevalence of pain typically ranges between 30% and 50%"*



Do you want to continue being one of those statistics? Or do you want to find out how you can stop your neck pain, without the need for drugs.......



What you can expect from your Neck Screening;

  • Talk to experts who specilaise in treating neck problems
  • Expand on the knowledge you already have
  • Receive expert advice on how to combat your neck pain
  • Ask the questions you may have felt were too 'silly' to ask your GP
  • Have high quality, non-invasive treatment (no scalpels, pills or even neck cracking!)
  • PLUS a free spinal scan

If you are unsure, you aren't alone. A lot of people feel the same when they have to go and discuss medical matters with people who aren't their GP. They have felt that maybe there was no hope......this is what people find when they come to Shield Clinic


People just like Kevin;


"I owe you a very big thank you firstly for seeing me so quickly on that Saturday morning when I was in considerable pain and then for your amazing treatment in helping me recover so quickly. I am definitely a disciple to your treatment method, it makes absolute sense to me and the immediate impact of a few carefully placed 'taps' to correct my spinal alignment is at times close to miraculous.

The words are genuinely felt and having used other people in the past, I am convinced that your treatment methods are the most effective."

Kevin Allen, Pilot from

*Please note, this is not an appointment confirmation, just a request.

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