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Is your frozen shoulder actually frozen at all?

One of the most common shoulder problems we see at Shield Clinic is 'Frozen Shoulder'. But get this - most of the time it probably doesnt have anything to do with the shoulder at all. 

Let me explain why. 

Most people who first have frozen shoulder symptoms will present with:

  • Pain in the shoulder
  • Lack of movement
  • Cant apply pressure to it
  • Weakness. 

The vast majority of diagnosis of this comes from our family doctors who fail to take a proper examination and history. They will look at the symptoms and assume a pain in the shoulder is a shoulder problem....the problem with that is, without a proper set of tests, it's a stab in the dark diagnosis. 

I get why too. Our NHS is bombarded everyday, and for a shoulder problem that isn't life threatening, comparable to cancers of course, then it isn't that important. 

So you would be sent away, with a bag of tablets and told you'll be sent for physio in the meantime. Again, the physio will be going from the doctors initial thoughts and giving out shoulder exercises, but since it probably isn't a shoulder problem it may not work. 

Our experience shows us that a number of misdiagnosed frozen shoulders actually turn out to be a condition known as cervical radiculopathy....or to most of a pinched nerve in the neck. The nerve goes from the neck, through the shoulder in to the arm and spreads down to the hand. Often my patients will tell me they also have had carpal tunnel, but it is all down to that pinched nerve in the neck. 

The reason we get great results with frozen shoulder is that we give a proper assessment, take a thorough history and work on the cause rather than just prod and push the bit that hurt. If you have exhausted all other options, then this will be a natural step for you. 

"I would strongly recommend this clinic . After years of restricted neck movement following an injury , I have regained full movement . Something I never thought would happen " Kathryn Lawrence, Dentist, Newastle. ​​​​

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John Ryle. BSc Hons, MSST. 

** Disclaimer: We have made every effort to be truthful and accurately represent what we do at Shield Clinic. However, there is no guarantee of results. Your level of improvement is based on several factors,some of which are controlled by us and others are controlled by you. Results will obviously vary between patients. 

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