Grab A £30 DISC BULGE Analysis & Check-Up Voucher! (Normally £95) Saving Over 63%!

Why have over 13000 people in Newcastle come to Shield Clinic over the past 20 years? Because we get LASTING RESULTS. That means not only can problems be corrected, but we help keep them at bay so you can enjoy

  • Working without holding back

  • Exercising without stopping

  • Enjoying time with your family 

  • Sleeping the whole way through the night

  • Cracking on with what you love without the fear of ‘when’ your migraine may strike. 

We have spent thousands of pounds and man hours on researching, learning and acquiring techniques and technology which helps us detect THE CAUSE  of injuries to the spine, rather than just where you feel pain.

These tests give us a real insight and a predictable formula for delivering the best treatments and assessments……and we want that for everyone who has problems with their spine.


What to do now…


If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from migraines then you deserve to see one of our practitioners to see if what we can do will help you.


The worst case scenario is this;


You may waste an hour of your time and £30, but our promise is that we will put you in contact with someone who can help your problem. No strings attached.

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