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What's a bulging disc

A bulging disc is often referred to as a slipped disc, in essence, the disc is like a spacer between the bones of your spine. The space it is creating is for a nerve to pop out from the spinal cord and then go to a different part of your body.

When the disc 'slips' it means that the soft inner core (like the inside of a doughnut) is being squished out. sometimes this presses onto a nerve and then you can feel pain or different sensations in places away from your spine.

Most disc issues come in the lower back, but some in the neck. 

Either way, we have developed assessment and treatment techniques that helps reduce the pressure and can help remodel the scar tissue that is formed as a result of the damage.

If you or anyone you know has a slipped disc then it is important that it gets checked sooner, rather than later. 

The first step we take is t do a through assessment to make sure that we can help you, and if we are pretty certain we can then we map out a plan of action for yu to make sure that we can get you as good as you can as quickly as possible. 

"I would strongly recommend this clinic . After years of restricted neck movement following an injury , I have regained full movement . Something I never thought would happen " Kathryn Lawrence, Dentist, Newastle. ​​​​

What we treat

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If you have any of the problems we can deal with then we want to help you. If you fill out the form one of our lovely ladies will get in contact with you to schedule your initial assessment where we will give you;

✔️ Full Spinal SEMg Scan 

✔️ Full set of physical tests

✔️Neurological tests

✔️Bespoke report given in layman terms (not the medical mumbo jumbo)

✔️ First Treatment if appropriate

When you do get the call my team will be on hand to answer any questions you have and take care you from the off. We all look forward to seeing you here at Shield Clinic.

John Ryle. BSc Hons, MSST. 

** Disclaimer: We have made every effort to be truthful and accurately represent what we do at Shield Clinic. However, there is no guarantee of results. Your level of improvement is based on several factors,some of which are controlled by us and others are controlled by you. Results will obviously vary between patients. 

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