Big thanks to Ryan

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I personally just wanted to take a moment to give a huge thank you to Ryan. You probably already know, but Ryan has now left us at Shield. Before he starts settling down to be a family man he wanted to go travelling. So far, he is jetting off to Portugal next week to get a bit of winter sun, he and his lovely Wife Amanda are going to her home country of Zimbabwe in a few months time and he is also planning the trip of a lifetime to thailand and Vietnam.

He leaves us with our best wishes and we truly hope he loves every second of his travels.

Thanks from all the staff and the wonderful people he has helped.

John & Team

N.B. I will be taking over the treatments Ryan has been delivering. To bear in mind for patients with insurance cover, I only work with Westfield and Healthshield as the only insurance providers. Any other providers are not covered. You can still get treatment with us but won’t be able to get it reimbursed via any insurance company other than the ones mentioned above.

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