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How to get rid of frozen shoulders which even GP’s don’t know!

If you are one of the unlucky people to just randomly get a frozen shoulder, I truly feel for you.

It’s more likely to affect women, and mostly people over 40.

Commonly, people will wake up with a stiff shoulder that can quickly progress into a completely immobile arm which causes intense pain when moving it.

What is a frozen shoulder & what’s the common medical way to treat it?

It’s a generic term given to a painful, restricted shoulder pain.

Initially a GP would be able to diagnose it often by just listening to the symptoms. They may prescribe drugs to help ease the pain such as amitriptyline, gabapentin, codeine or other NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen.

If they don’t subside the pain, they will often refer you to physiotherapy who will concentrate on improving the shoulder range of motion with exercises.

If that fails, sometimes surgery is given to see if the capsule can be released in the shoulder, which is often the cause of it becoming restricted in the first place.

Sometimes even this fails.


Home care advice

Exercises, stretching and heat/cold are often the go to when it comes to getting rid of frozen shoulders. However, we have seen them have limited success and it takes years to improve it sometimes.

Help for your frozen shoulder


Although frozen shoulders can be improved by doing the above bits of advice, there may be more underlying problems that simple exercises or massage can not help. Manipulation of the neck has been shown to dramatically improve the movement in the shoulder. A simple search on YouTube and you can see the sometimes-miraculous effects of it!

That’s why at Shield Clinic we run a thorough and comprehensive set of exams focusing on the cause of frozen shoulders, not just trying to treat the symptoms.


We use a mixture of computerised scans, including posture analysis and nerve scans which can help us detect underlying problems, long before they become a bad symptom.

The treatment we deliver is highly focused on the problems we find during the examination so we can target specific joints/tissues and make sure your body heals itself as fast as possible.


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